Five things you need to give up if you want to be successful

Success is born of a mindset. And that mindset is pushed by action.

Success Insider has come up with video of what it says are five things you need to give up today in order to be successful.

Often what holds us back is are habits we have picked up along the way and so a conscious process of ‘delearning’ them is needed.

Here are five things you need to get rid of today.

  1. Give up the short term mindset – Successful people develop long term goals which are a succession of little daily wins. And little habits build onto that big goal and you need to do them every single day. So if your goal is to lose weight, you have little things you do daily in order to get to that big goal. Successful people do not believe in get rich quick schemes and magic bullets.
  2. Give up on playing small – if you never try to go out there and go for broke, be your own self, not what your friends an family tell you to do, you can’t win. Take full ownership of the ship you are sailing. Stop being the victim. Your life will truly change then. Do what it takes. Persevere and run for that finish lines.
  3. Give up the excuses –  Winners come up with reasons why they can. Losers come up with excuses why they can’t. Losers will always tell you the story of what they’ve gone through and how they do not have the right resources. Successful people become resourceful. Once youget rid of the excuses, you will take the action necessary to achieve your dream.
  4. Give up your need to be liked – Every successful leader on the planet stands up for their own truth.  They live their lives and amplify what they believe in.
  5. Give up toxic people –  Spend time with people who are born winners. Spend time with people who can’t put up with anything that is average and the same will grow on you. Go out and meet these people and if you come across that are a drag, drop them. Reach out to mentors and tap into their networks. Befriend people who better you.

Watch the full video below and remember to take action