Five Things Women Expect Men To Know How To Do

We live in a world that is getting more and more liberal but there are things that women will always expect a man to know how to do.

Flat Tire Drama on the 403
The Bees / Foter / CC BY-NC

We are going to share. We could think of five  critical ones but we are sure there could be a few more.

Here we go

  1. Change a tyre: This is one of the most underrated of the lot but she expects you to be able to pull out the stops when your tyre stops being a team player while on your way from visiting one of those aunts of hers neither of you likes but have to see in Mutorashanga or Dulibadzimu. She probably knows how to do it as well but she expects you to know what time it is.
  2. Braai: That includes knowing how to start the fire and then braaiing the meat. If you can do the whole Carl Joshua Ncube thing and make the salads and do one of those corn wrapped in bacon missions it is bonus but she wants you standing over the fire when she has family (probably including that Mutorashanga/Dilibadzimu aunt) and friends over.
  3. Troubleshoot a broken appliance: Sure, she doesn’t expect you to always know why something or the other won’t switch on but at least try to figure out why it isn’t. You should figure it out.
  4. Know how to find places:You’re going to visit someone in one of those hectic areas where there are so many turns and everything looks the same. She  expects you to know where you are going. She will allow you to ask for directions though.
  5. Defend her: Against everything, anything, anyone and always. Defend her and yes that includes if the white walkers come out of nowhere or a rat runs across the room. She will fold her arms and say be the man. Unless of course she serves at One Commando and you are puny accountant in a corner office somewhere then some of the things she will probably do better at defending. There are things she will expect you to step up on though.

There are obviously a few other things like yeah, you know, stuff. You can share with us in the comments section below.

Just so you know, if you don’t know some of those things she won’t necessarily dump you but she might start looking at you funny.