EIGHT quotes from Morgan Tsvangirai

The late opposition party leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was a fearless and defiant man whose fighting talk defined him, inscribing him indelibly into the history of Zimbabwe.

Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai who died in South Africa on Wednesday spent over twenty years of his life fighting for a post liberation movement Zimbabwe heading a political party that served as a credible opposition to the ruling Zanu-PF.

We have picked a couple of his quotes, we feel helped define the man and his integrity.

  • On the launch of his book: From the day I was born, there has always existed a huge disconnect between the stories often told by the elite and those I hear from ordinary people about our country although we live in the places; and witness the same events around us.
  • On his divorce: There is a greater and thicker plot around this issue which has undermined my confidence in this relationship. The marriage has been hijacked and there is an apparent active political hand that is now driving the processes. State security agents have weighed in to force and direct proceedings, which has resulted in everything regarding this relationship now taking place on camera. The intention is clear: to inflict maximum damage on my person and character for political gain.
  • We do not want to put people deliberately in harm’s way because of the current lack of accountability in government.
  • We do not want to put people deliberately in harm’s way because of the current lack of accountability in government. 
  • We have absolutely no intention of abandoning the people when we have come to the closing hours of what has been a long and difficult journey toward democratic change.
  • We are meeting on Saturday and all options (including a strike) are on the table.
  • What we want to tell you Mugabe today is that please go peacefully, if you do not go peacefully, we will remove you violently
  • We want peace in this country and we want national healing.

Tsvangirai was 65.

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