Fancy A Pregnant Prostitute?

A pregnant prostitute is the craze of the Cross Dete business centre along the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road.

Pregnant prostitute

Pregnant woman in general, maybe but pregnant prostitute, hameno – Picture Bulawayo24

The woman who was a prostitute before she got pregnant says she was forced to get back into world’s oldest profession because her boyfriend who stays in Hwange is not taking care of her.

To show how hectic life is for some, she only wanted $50 per month from him. She is currently saving money  but she hopes that her man will have a change of heart. She is five months pregnant and she will file for maintenance if he doesn’t come around.

Now she makes more than that per night  as our brothers who have that fetish want a taste.

It is not anything out of the ordinary for men to have pregnancy fetishes. It probably comes from the fact that it is so taboo that  we as men love it. Also the fact that she belongs to someone else but could be available makes it even more exciting. This probably is from our competitive side. Then add to that the fact that women are generally thought to be highly sexual while they are pregnant so yeah there is that too.

So if that is your thing, you are not alone. By the way, it is called maiesiophilia or maieusophoria.

Don’t know about a pregnant prostitute though…

With information from Bulawayo24News