Eugene Terre’blanche Murder Trial Ends

A South African court gave its verdict in the case of the murder of Eugene Terre’blanche.

Terreblanche was co-founder of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (A.W.B in Afrikaans) a white supremacist organisation that seeks to establish an all-white republic within South Africa.

Two farmworkers, Chris Mahlangu and Patrick Ndlovu were accused of beating Terre’blanche to death with an iron rod in April 2010.

In his verdict, Judge John Horn said that according to witnesses, the “dispute with the deceased was about money, not about his political beliefs or aversion for black people.”

Chris Mahlangu was found guilty while Patrick Ndlovu who turned 18 years during the trial, was acquitted of murder but found guilty of breaking and entering with intent to steal.

Claims that Eugene Terre’Blanche sodomised Chris Mahlangu were rejected by the court.

The murder trial was in the media spotlight and attracted a lot attention from the public.On the day of the verdict, separate groups of black and white people gathered outside the court house however the verdict was read without incident.

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