EU Slowly Losing Its Diplomatic Edge

Thing are not exactly well in Europe and unless some unnatural act of God happens, things are going to get progressively worse for some European countries.

The debt crisis has really left the European continent in a mess. The European Union is literally clutching at every straw in sight to keep the continent together, Greece is a shambles, and Spain’s debt may be a big factor in causing the debt crisis to flaring back up. Portugal ran to Angola- its former colony for help, Hungary is literally standing on one financial leg, we could go on… lets just say if the EU was a family right now it would be best described as a dysfunctional one.

Things are so bad for Europe that they are now relaxing some sanctions the European Union had placed on so –called errant countries and individuals in order to resume business with them.

We wonder whether these sanctions were made from a principled point of view or some other unknown quantity. The fact is that they really don’t have a choice but to swallow their pride and start talking to strange bed fellows in order to maintain some semblance of peace and sanity on the continent.

For countries like Zimbabwe such actions are diplomatic victories, Europe is literally swallowing its own words by retracting its original position on sanctions.

What is happening right now is more like a situation where a girl tells her boyfriend to leave and never come back and after a day or two she dials his number and in a rather sexy voice says …hello baby.