Drogba: Could This Be The End Of The Chelsea Road?

It is now really a question of time before Chelsea fans say “bye-bye” “so long” and “farewell” to their fierce striker, Didier Drogba.

Didier Drogba, 34, had been quoted in France Football as saying he had decided to leave Stamford Bridge, but his agent later said the quotes were not genuine.

Following the Champions League success, Chelsea revealed that talks were to take place this week over a contract extension for Drogba. It does not look like much has changed on that front.

However a French sports paper quotes Drogba as having said-

“We will no longer be together next season,”

The rhetoric that goes on during contract negotiations are not to be taken seriously but given Drogba’s age, and the position he plays, and how competitive the English league is, there is a possibility that he could leave.

While Didier Drogba’s future remains uncertain there is no doubt that the Ivorian centre-forward was one of those players that premier league soccer fans either loved or loved to hate.

His work rate was exceptional and he always gave the competition a good run for their money.

Reports say Drogba will join former team-mate and football mercenary, Nicolas Anelka in China at a club called Shanghai Shenhua in a contract worth around £250,000-a-week.

As much as Chelsea club owner and oil magnate, Roman Abramovich has money to blow (he is reported has poured one billion USA dollars into his football clubs) we don’t really dont think he will match that, after all Chelsea FC is still a business.

Didier Drogba certainly made soccer exciting for all of us, whether you were a fan or fore and who could ever forget those hairstyles that seemed to have enough oil to prepare French fries to feed a whole stadium?

Definition: mercenary
1-Working or acting merely for money or other reward.
2-Hired to serve in a foreign army,guerrilla organization, etc.