The Day All Of Harare Almost Died From Poisoning

So the big headline in the government rag The Herald today says about 19 tonnes of poison was almost deposited into our water system for purification.

The story is that someone mixed up an order and was going to deliver sodium cyanide instead of liquid aluminum sulphate for water treatment, on Wednesday. The driver of the truck picked it up just in time.

For those who skipped chemistry class, cyanide is has loads of uses from, killing (Hitler committed suicide by ingesting cyanide), to terminating pests, metal cleaning, removing gold from its ore among other things. When inhaled that is when it is at its most potent but in a fluid it can be hectic too.  It attacks the brain and the heart. Of course the amount one takes determines the damage.

How one person with loose marbles made such a mistake one wonders. This is 19 tonnes of that stuff. Not a pack of peanuts. 19 tonnes. You can’t erroneously send 19 tonnes to the wrong place. Don’t these things come with labels and hazard warning signs?

It is said the issue is now with our Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Ignatius Chimobo who is studying the report.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? The water is bad enough without having to throw cyanide into the mix.

  • Truth hurts, Lies hurt more

    The only thing I wonder is how this kind of sensationalist, scaremongering and factless reporting made it onto a webpage. Were your readership figures not big enough? Maybe you had a bad month on the horses?
    There was no ‘almost’ about it and to report otherwise is seriously bad journalism designed to scare the masses. Get your facts sorted out by interviewing someone concerned, rather than cut-and-paste journalism without a shred of real evidence.