Is Cuba Turning A New Leaf

The Cuban government seems to be turning a new leaf and trying to make changes on a number of issues they had been adamantly resolute about for a long time.

For the most part the Cuban government is justified in taking their hardliner stance on a number of issues, especially their foreign policy. However there are instances when it really feels like the world has since moved on and Cuba is still holding on to the past. Much to the detriment of the country’s millions of young people.

Yet all this may soon change. The Cuban government is trying to reform the socialist policies that directed the country since their 1959 revolution.

Current President, Raul Castro (Fidel Castro’s brother) has promised big changes. Firstly Raul wants to privatize the economy. The government hopes this will create private sector jobs.

Such an announcement is a big because privatizing a command economy is as sharp a 180 degree turn can get.

There is even talk of limiting the terms of the President, but we are sure that some people in Cuba may not  believe this until they actually see it happen.


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