How A Country Can Cheat It’s Way Into 2012

Most people look forward to celebrating the New Year. However the sad fact is that Zimbabweans are small players when it comes to celebrating the New Year. We simply don’t take 1 January seriously like some countries do.

Take for instance the country of Samoa. Samoa is a pacific island known for sunny skies, sandy beaches, pretty girls and the local peoples’ great love for partying. Now the lawmakers decided that waiting for 1 January 2012 was too painful so they took matters into their own hands. They decided that they would erase Friday and move straight to Saturday December 31 thus effectively bringing the year 2012 closer to them.

One of the reasons given for this bold move was that it was made to ensure that people in Samoa could celebrate important dates like birthdays on the same day with their loved ones living in neighbouring Australia and New Zealand. The news was unsurprisingly met with great joy and more celebrating.

Another reason given was that shifting the dates would ensure ease of business with trading partners. But we  think that the real reason  has  more to do with new year celebrations and partying. After all the world is predicted to end in 2012  so no harm done by erasing a whole day off the calendar.

And you thought Zimbabweans were the best at celebrating New Years’ day.