New Constitution To Abolish Death Penalty For Women

In what we see as a weird decision, the new constitution of Zimbabwe will abolish the death penalty for women. It will also remove it for men under the age of 21 and those over 70.

Yes, if a woman goes and kills someone she will not be judged by the same law no matter how heinous the crime is, just because she is a woman.

We think this is a bit of a mess. It is either you abolish it for both or you keep it for both. We cannot have the supreme document of the country being skewed in that way.

What happened to us being equal in the eyes of the law? You can’t have the sex of the person being a mitigating factor  in sentence. It is an insult to both men and women.

To women it says that they have the culpability of a man under the age of 21.

How that made sense, we have no idea.