Confusion Over New Abortion Policy

So a new policy has been announced by the Zimbabwe government which says that women can have access to post-abortion treatment without being reported to the police.

The government’s argument is that it will reduce maternal deaths but as it stands with no amendment to the Termination Of Pregnancies act which strictly forbids abortion except under extreme circumstances, this new policy confuses a few people, naturally.

The government says that Act still stands but says nothing about those girls who are almost addicted to abortions. Noone will know that they are habitual abortionists will they? Even if the police find out, can they really prosecute since the patient can simply say that the medical institution simply breached, patient-doctor confidentiality. That means evidence becomes difficult to use in court based on that.

With no clarity on the issue, we are pretty sure that there will be loads of fighting there.

The police, by the way, say they have only seen it all in the newspapers. They know nothing and as far as they are concerned, abortion is illegal. If they catch you, you will ‘assist police with investigations’.

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