Civil Union Of Three People In Brazil Highlights Evolution Of What We Call Family

Brazil has accepted the registry of a man and two women into a civil union sparking outrage from religious groups.

The three have lived together for three years in Rio De Janeiro and share bills and other expenses. They have a joint bank account.  A notary had them registered three months ago but the case is only coming to light now. She says that they are entitled to family rights.

While the notary has approved the union it is not clear whether courts, service providers and private companies such as health insurance providers will accept the ruling.

Brazil has allowed same-sex civil union rights since 2004 and since 2010 allowed same-sex marriage.

Of course the religious zealots have come out and called it absurd and even ‘illegal’.

The real issue though is that we have to accept that the idea of relationships and family has evolved. Whereas before it was a man, woman and kids, nowadays people decide for themselves what family is. We don’t have to like it or think it is proper but it is a reality.

We sit in Zimbabwe and pretend gays do not exist yet we see them a lot in clubs and there are even suspicions that some prominent people are of that persuasion. Do we think it is right? Not necessarily. Do we approve of it? The way we were brought up does not allow us to.

Now we are not going overstep what Zimbabwe considers moral or right for itself. We are not that important or even relevant. People will decide what they want to and that is OK.

Once upon a time, dating outside the arranged marriage system  and single motherhood was considered a taboo. Who knows where we will end up as human beings.

Just a thought.

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