Chitungwiza Blast Rumour Mill Goes Into Overdrive As Police Make Arrests

The rumour  mill around the Chitungwiza blast has gone into overdrive with all types of theories entering the conversation

The most prevailing one is linked to juju:

  • Speakmore Mandere, the traditional healer was hired to destroy a chikwambo/goblin. Somewhere along the line the chikwambo fought back. According to traditional healers, when a goblin dies, it takes others with it. The wife of the businessman who died in the explosion gave some fire to this theory by saying that they used Mandere a lot to help them with problems. Clever Kamudzeya, the businessman in question may have been trying to get rid of one.
  • Mandere was trying to send lightning to Kamudzeya’s rival and it backfired, perhaps because the targeted individual was protected or more powerful. Some sorcerers have pointed to Mandere’s experience as a reason why the procedure may have gone wrong.
  • Kamudzeya may have brought a ‘dirty bomb’ to Mandere which he wanted blessed to improve its red mercury composition. An army expert has already said that an incendiary bomb was the cause.

Meanwhile police have arrested in connection with the explosion. Police have asked for patience as they investigate the case, which has been moved over to Law and Order.

The bodies of the victims were finally removed from the scene.

It has also emerged from Mandere’s wife, Liliyosa Nyawata who is 17, that there were more people in the vicinity of the blast who survived. She says her husband, who she had been living with for 10 days could have survived if paramedics had attended to him.

This is easily the biggest story this year so far.