Chinese Nationals Misbehaving In Zimbabwe

The number of Chinese nationals being caught on the wrong end of the law in Zimbabwe seems to be increasing with each day.

A few days ago we reported of the Chinese dude who impregnated a married woman and simply vanished from his work place. Then there was that group of Chinese men who were working for some communication company without work permits, they too were deported.

Now four more Chinese men have been jailed fined and will be deported.

Zhang Hong Yuan, Chen Caijan, Lin Guibin and Shi Jiahua were charged for contravening the nation’s animal welfare laws for “extreme cruelty” this was after the men ate 27 of the 40 endangered tortoises they had bought. As if that was not enough, they were working in Bikita without work permits.

The Chinese are attempting things they wouldn’t dream of doing in their country. Chinese authorities are known for being rather heavy handed when dealing with errant behavior. So fines and deportation are really a slap on the wrist for most of the Chinese.

As or those that have been deported, we know they will be back.