Chinese Boy Sells Kidney For Iphone

A boy in China sold one of his kidneys and used part of the proceeds to buy an iPhone and an iPad.

The 17-year-old, named Wang received about $3,500 for his kidney.

His mother quizzed him when he returned home with the costly new gadgets; he later confessed how he had got the money for the gadgets.

Reports from China say the teen is now suffering from renal insufficiency which is a decreased level of kidney function — and that his condition is deteriorating. As a result five people including a surgeon were arrested and charged for helping him sell his kidney.

There is huge black market for organs in China due to the large gap between people needing transplants in China and donors.

At least the boy didn’t have an entitlement mentality because he could have just tried to steal the gadgets from someone.

If however he is in the habit of selling parts of his body to get material things then he might not have any body parts left as an adult.

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