Chaos Continues In Egypt

For those that don’t know, in the past weeks 42 people have been killed in the riots, with hundreds injured, as tens of thousands once again marched into Egypt’s Tahrir Square – where they are to this day.

Even after Mubarak left the people are not happy, mainly because they want Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi to leave – as well as anyone else who is buddies with or was appointed by former President Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak’s cronies don’t seem to be keen on leaving anytime soon and they have made this position very clear. The statements of General Mukhtar el-Malla clearly illustrate what their position is in the whole debacle. In a news conference last week he said, “We will not relinquish power because a slogan-chanting crowd said so”

In the murky world of politics there are many interests people have and these interests do not just start and end with politics. In Egypt’s case there is wealth and property that is at stake. Many people and companies, countries aligned, associated or were in bed with Mubarak one way or the other.

The fact of the matter is that most of the big businesses in Egypt had the Mubarak connection. That is the reality of how business works not just in Africa but the whole world. These people will always want to ensure that their business interests are protected. Having control of the army and police is the surest way of doing this. Any one who raises their head or threatens their interests is squashed. So I really don’t see the military leaders leaving without a fight.

Change and revolution is good but at times people need to have a little bit of maturity and more insight in terms of what they are dealing with and how democracy (if it exits at all) will work out. The death of even one person does not justify the peace that death may bring. As the Egyptians are set for a post-Mubarak election I hope sanity prevails to stop the blood shed.

Meanwhile chaos continues to reign in Egypt.