A Case for the Regulation of Prostitution in Zimbabwe

Before the God-botherers go up in arms and start shoving Bible verses at me let it be said that prostitution is a reality. Oh I heard someone say, so is killing but that doesnt make it right.

This is not about right or wrong but about creating a system. Currently it is illegal for a person to sell their sexual services for money. Though one could argue marriage is just prolonged prostitution. But I digress.

As it stands prostitute loiter about and engage in running battles with the cops while selling their wares. That is how it is. It is happening. And there is a demand because these women are putting themselves in all sorts of danger for that money.

Pursuant to that some of these women sell their wares in broad daylight in neighbourhoods where there are children and other forms of impressionable creatures.

Now I have a few friends who habitually or casually use the services of those in the oldest profession and good on them. Don’t judge them. That is how they roll. But they often tell me about risks they take. Yes they are like smokers. There is a label. They can read. But they still do it.

Given such a backdrop I am of the opinion that prostitution should be regulated in this country. I am not calling for full-blown legalisation but creating a system that regulates the business. That is get them a red-light district where those who want the service can go and get it far from the nose-up-turners.

Also you then monitor their income and so you get taxes coming in. In addition to that make sure they get mandatory health checks. That could part a bunch of measures that can be used to protect them and the clients.

Now the God-botherers will talk about right and wrong but in reality can the creation of dignity and safety for human beings be such a bad thing? And is there really anything wrong with prostitution?

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    Unopenga chete iwewe !

  • RueJay

    By the way, what is a God-botherer ?

  • People who hassle god… the ones that are ultra-extremists