Carjacking Alert!

A friend just posted this on Facebook:

There was an attempted car jacking at Hellenic High School at lunchtime. Please be extra vigilant – they were four very large well dressed black men in a new metallic gold toyota corolla with no number plates.

And this is in broad daylight. That is a big worry. So whereas we tend to be extra-careful at night it seems as if we are at risk during the day as well.

There has been an increase in the number of carjackings in Harare of late. One hot spot I have heard of is at the corner of Josiah Tongogara and Prince Edward. Apparently they throw something that damages your window and shocks you at the same time. While you’re distracted they then pounce.

A lot of these criminals are jacking cars to commit other more serious crimes. There has been a spate of taxi drivers being carjacked as well. The criminals then use the taxis to trap victims.

If you know of any other dangerous spots people please put them in our comments section or send an email info[at] and we will publish them.

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