Cameroon Bans Prophet TB Joshua

The Cameroonian government has blacklisted Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, saying that he is an agent of satan hoodwinking unsuspecting members of the public with “diabolical miracles”.

Cameroon Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Henri Eyebe Ayissi, in an official communiqué he issued titled: “The Devil Is In the House”, described T.B. Joshua as a “son of the devil” pretending to be “a man of God.”

The minister warned hundreds of Cameroonians, trooping to Lagos, South West Nigeria, for miracles in Joshua’s church, to desist from taking the trip or face the consequences, as the country will not stand by them.

There have been reports of women being raped; pilgrims dispossessed of their belongings by armed robbers and left to sleep on the streets at the mercy of gangs who take advantage of these religious pilgrims. However, most victims are too ashamed to report their ordeals.

Coincidentally New Zimbabwe reports claim that the police are investigating a Harare church which claimed to be affiliated to the controversial Nigerian preacher, TB Joshua, after some people reported to have paid thousands of dollars for trips to the West African country which never materialised.

The church, which is based in Sunridge, Mabelreign, allegedly promised members’ trips to TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) which is headquartered in Lagos.

It is understandable that there are some people out there who feel a great need to follow a guru, spiritual leader or someone believed to be enlightened.

However at some point its get a bit ridiculous when a person looses their money, property and even puts their life in harms way, often in the quest for quick solutions to problems they have worked hard and long to create.

  • Maxmore

    You do not need to go around looking for miracles just pray in your own room at home and believe in the word of God that it will do what it says it is the Truth I am a living testimony you need to look for your Father God for yourself and you will find him and he will help you his is a good a God, Matthew6v6 our Lord Jesus tells us that when you pray enter into your closet,and when you have shut your door pray to your Father who is in a secret place:and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly.