Brown shoes and loud ties are bad for this career choice…

We know that most banks will hire you on the basis of whether you ‘fit in’ or not.

PIC: an honest man by torbakhopper

PIC: an honest man by torbakhopper

Well  a new report published by the Social Mobility Commissions says that wearing brown shoes and loud colour ties to an interview in the banking industry won’t do great things for you.

Sadly it is not because you can’t do the job but because those colours have often been associated with the working class culture, something the gatekeepers do not want crashing through the barriers.

Feedback for one candidate quoted in the Recruitment Grapevine was:

He said you’re clearly quite sharp, but… you’re not quite the fit for [this bank]… you’re not polished enough… he looked at me and said, ‘see that tie you’re wearing? It’s too loud. Like you can’t wear that tie with the suit that you’re wearing

So in essence, you can be what they need but not necessarily what they want.

  • Knowledge Manyika

    article reads a lot like a bbc culture magazine article I just read .. is the plagarism intentional or coincidental ?