Broken Heart Increases Chances Of Cardiac Arrest

Grieving people have a higher risk of heart attack than most especially in the early daysNCBrian /Foter

Those men with thick-rimmed glasses and white coats are back at it and early in the year too. It seems as if a broken heart  related to loss of loved ones due to death can increase your chances of cardiac arrest by up to 21 times Рespecially on the first day of loss.

The risk rate remained six times higher than normal through the first week, and declined slowly over the course of the first month, said the findings in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Intense grief can cause a host of symptoms that raise heart risks, including higher heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormone levels and blood clotting.

Grieving people are also prone to lose sleep, miss medications and eat less, which can also boost cardiovascular risks.

This means that close relatives and friends should give particularly close support to those who find themselves in such unfortunate circumstances. I guess a broken heart can an actual break of the heart.

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