Why Are Boys Becoming Afraid Of Girls?

Back in the day, whenever that was, when a girl walked past, boys hollered at her. Well not in the cat-calling way but they respectfully approached her and wooed her. She would of course choose to be wooed or not be wooed. That was the ecosystem. Just how things worked.

Nowadays the same kids exist but they just can’t step up to a girl unless she looks a bit slutty. And if they do and she isn’t so keen they are not willing to stay the course.

I heard a little boy the day and his opening line was, ‘Girl, You have a fine ass’. Back in the dark ages before social media that could have gotten you a smack in the face. And in the days of social media the boy got a smack in face.

Social media and a sense of entitlement has meant that kids nowadays feel like they need to get what they want now. And if they don’t it is on twitter, immediately. They need to go out and tell someone that there is something wrong with the girl because she thinks she is all that.

And when it comes to intimacy, unless she is not trying to get intimate in the next couple hours or days then she must be weird or she has something weird about her. She must be twisted. She is weird!

Fact of the matter is that men don’t know how to be men nowadays. They cry and stuff. Who does that? OK, when your football team loses and you cry that is fine. Or something deep happens sure I can see someone crying (The scene in Titanic where the dude dies doesn’t count by the way).

But then any other time it is a bit silly. And when men don’t know how to be men, how are they going to be example to the boys.

So many single women out there, looking for men. Not the boyish behaviour that you have. The one that was fine when you were 6 years old but not so much now.

Do you blame them for getting hooked with the pussy-face that is married? Take that as you will.

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