Boy (10) Burnt By ZESA Cables

It’s as if ZESA cannot do right with anything these days. If it is not plunging people into darkness it is getting into some other kind of trouble.

The latest bungling by the power utility is the story reported by the Herald of Takudzwa Nyandoro (10) of Eastlea who was severely burnt on Thursday after falling into a ditch with naked Zesa power cables. He later died at Parirenyatwa Hospital on Friday.

It is said the cables were left unsecured by workers who were carrying out maintenance work three months ago at the Corner of Samora Machel Avenue and Leitrim Crescent in Eastlea, Harare. Takudzwa sustained severe burns all over and had three fingers on the right hand cut off by the high voltage.

A few weeks ago we wrote a story about a young woman in her twenties who was believed to be a commercial sex worker was electrocuted and died during a house call to one of her clients. There are many other similar cases reported of ZESA naked cables.

The sad fact about these deaths and injuries is that nothing ever seems to happen to those responsible; noone is accountable; noone gets in trouble.  The stories are reported and just fizzle out and we wait for the next incident to occur.

  • Nyanduri

    This is appalling. ZESA has a duty of care to its employees and members of the public. Based on the facts of this story, those responsible for leaving cables in conditions that exposed the public to danger should not only face the wrath of Health and Safety law but also criminal charges of manslaughter. These charges, to set precedent for future misdemenours, should extent to those in the higher echelons of power in the organisation whose failure to provide procedures, supervision, training and financial resources are the root causes of this disturbing episode.

  • Communication 24/7

    this is very sad 🙁