Blind Date Rules

So you have a friend who sees you and classifies you as single. Then she has a friend who she classifies as single. So then she decides – as all meddling female friends do decide – that she would happier if you were miserable with her friend. So she sets you up on a blind date.

You of course have this vision in your head that she will introduce you to Vanessa Sibanda’s double but rest assured if she uses the word ‘nice’ she means that something is wrong with her. She just won’t tell you what. The rest of that conversation happened in her head and she didn’t share it with you.

So you need to follow a set of rules for the whole thing.

Before you even go on the date you need to ask yourself this:

Who is this chick and what’s wrong with her?

In essence if she is so nice what are you taking on here? Before it all happens you have the option to tell your meddling friend to leave it alone.

Then when you do go out with her make sure you pick the right date. Don’t do dinner or movies. For two people who don’t know each other that is a freaking disaster. Go and do something that allows you to do your own thing at the same time. That way, you have no awkward silences because you are up to something. By own thing, by the way we do mean something that includes you doing something, like taking a hike or rowing. Yes, rowing. That way you can talk and there is enough of a distraction to deal with the aforementioned awkward moment.

Try to talk as little about yourself and let her talk about herself. Women like to talk about themselves. Trust us, if you say the wrong thing you could mess things up.

Oh, then avoid talking about friends in common. If you find yourself doing that then it is time to bail out!

Which brings us to the next point. How to get out of it all.

Well first of all, you should have your own transport. If she is still into it and she is really into it, say what she says. Tell her you have an early morning and slide. Of course you could do the thing some dudes do by asking a friend to call at an agreed time but one does not have to be that dramatic. There is an option to tell her the truth. It might end up being weird but if you are trying to end it then, well, does it matter?

On the real though, we think you just go hunting on your own. Getting set up tends to get weird, sooner or later.

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