Some Of The Dumbest Reasons Given For Not Dating Someone

We may have upset a few people yesterday with our piece on independent women. It was mainly the men who were a bit annoyed and a few women.

Well we will upset a few more today.

You see the reality is that for many who spend time ticked off about being single it is a bit of a joke. Some of the excuses for not dating someone are:

  • He/she is too short/tall
  • She talks too much
  • I don’t like the colour of the shirts he wears
  • She doesn’t like my favourite movie
  • He/she is from a different religion
  • He/She supports a different football team
  • He doesn’t drive and I do
  • He wears ‘player’ shoes
  • She asked me out
  • She had sex with me within the first week (ergo in his head she must be a slut. newsflash she didnt have sex with herself!)
  • She hasn’t had sex with me within the first week
  • She is too rich
  • She is too clever
  • He/she doesnt speak english the way they want them to
  • He/she is karanga and I am zezuru and all karangas are a problem (you can substitute that with any tribal situation)
  • They are a different race
  • They have locks
  • She wears trousers
  • They suck their teeth like an ex
  • How can they be that old and single?

here are loads of reasons people use as excuses for not going out with someone. I find it a bit silly because when one is the single one and especially getting a bit advanced in age, it is hard to be choosy. You can’t give those reasons as being valid for being alone and then cry about being lonely. It just doesn’t make sense. You can’t then claim not to have found the ‘right one’ when you won’t have a conversation with someone because of the way they walk.

Let’s face it, there us nothing particularly special about any human being on earth. We will all be dead one day. The question is do we want to live by some elitist and obviously misguided set of rules and remain miserable or do we want to be happy? Happiness requires humility. Humility means opening oneself up to new experiences.

I say stop creating a paralysis of choice where you expose yourself to so many options that you make none. You create so many parameters that you eliminate anything with a pulse.

Somewhere out there, there is a world you belong to that you are avoiding… because it is too different from your ideal. How is that working for you?

Tell us some of the dumbest reasons people(or you) have given for not dating someone

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