Is Big Brother A Scripted Sitcom?

By now some of you may have heard that Zimbabwean housemates in Upville house Maneta and Roki had a heart to heart which has resulted in a truce of sorts.

Roki and Maneta seem to have one of those odd relationships where at one moment they seem to be getting along and then the next moment they are haggling over some nonsensical issue.

On the first look one would think that Maneta will never give Roki an iota of a romantic encounter but then at times the two of them get too cosy with each other, to the point of cuddling in bed together.

Roki and Maneta could really be having the last laugh with this; it is possible they are using the whole love-hate angle to remain in the Big Brother house. If this is the case then that would be genius on their part.

We however think that a more sinister plot is at play here, we actually think that Big Brother is directing proceeding in the house…literally. Some things happening in there are a bit too predictable. It almost feels like we are watching a badly made episode to the famous sitcom “Friends.”

Think of it watching people eat; brush their teeth and get drunk could be fun for a while but the novelty quickly starts waning off. The show handlers might very well try to spice things Up.

It is known that most so-called reality TV shows are not as real as we think, remember how the adventure show “Survivor” has often made people wonder if it was fake or real.

For the most part directors suggest words and lines spoken by participants; make second takes on shots and so on.

By the way if we ran the show we would do exactly the same. What more could encourage TV ratings, by just scripting the whole thing and adding a romance in it?