Big Brother Africa Attempts To Spice Things

For those wishing to enter season seven of Big Brother Africa, you may be interested to know that one of the requirements is for the person to enter Big Brother Africa with a partner.

The rules say the other person can be a best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, brother, sister, boss, husband, wife, neighbour, or Jack or Jill, you met on the way to the auditions.

Now we think there is only one possible logical reason for this. It is obvious they are trying to keep viewers glued to the show by spicing things up a little bit.

It is most likely very few father’s will come to the show, so scratch them out, in fact scratch most people without the potential of creating interesting viewing . The organisers might let one or two slip in just to give the impression that the show is giving everyone a fair chance as the rules claim.

We think that any version of a reality show in Africa will not be as crude  as those seen in other parts of the world, just last week we reported of an alleged rape on Big Brother Brazil . Such nonsense would probably never happen in Africa. Africans still have a bit of decency left.

As you know the status quo with most reality shows is that the more raunchy and obscene…the better. So its clear organizers want to see more sex on television because sex does sell.

Seeing that most contestants in the past seemed to be shy of doing the nasty with other housemates, (save for a select few… do you remember one rather over-sexed character named Mwisho ?) then asking housemates to bring their own partners makes sense dosent it.

All we can say is, be ready for more soft porn.