‘Condoms In Bibles’ Idea Is… Erm

So the health minister Dr David Parirenyatwa has come up with a new idea for condom distribution.

He wants hotels to put condoms in the Bibles you find in hotels. Yes.

Yes we know, that will piss off the Catholics since they do not believe in contraception in the first place. Wait, Pope Benedict in 2010 said it wasn’t such a bad idea if it was in the ‘movement towards moralisation’ and making sure it reduce infection.  So it is not a total no.

Picture of Fairfield Inn & Suites Charlotte Matthews, Charlotte | PIC tripadvisor.com

Picture of Fairfield Inn & Suites Charlotte Matthews, Charlotte | PIC tripadvisor.com

Of course we know some super-Christians do not want the Bible and sex in the same conversation. This is probably mainly because they are most likely to be messing around with someone they are not married to and apparently the good book frowns on that like on a hardcore level.

So what do we think of the Cde Dr’s suggestion? Well we are fans of saving lives. You see, his reasoning is that if you’re say, at a hotel out of town and you walk in with your guest – who might be a work colleague you went on the trip with, or your secretary, we’re not judging –  how likely are you to ask reception for a condom. Think about it? Not too likely are you?

So what happens, well, maybe that is what is leading to the rise in sexually transmitted infections.

In this day and age though, you really shouldn’t be too creeped out letting people know you lay the pipe… or get laid.

So the principle, we agree with. The Bible, we’re not like, you know, thinking that it is a bad idea, but there are people out there who might get all fundamentalist on your rear end for it.

Maybe put it in the drawer?

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