Beyonce Baby Drama

Seems that like some people are not too happy about Beyonce’s baby.

It is rumoured that the power couple of Jay-Z and Beyonce paid a cool $1.3 million in order to have an entire floor at the New York’s Lennox Hill Hospital for their exclusive use.

Although hospital officials say these allegations are incorrect, some men who have wives using the hospital have been complaining about restrictions and heavy security at the hospital.

They claim that the presence of Beyonce and her new baby who reports say is named Blue Ivy have made it difficult for some men to see their wives and newborn babies. Who in their right mind calls their child a colour and what exactly happens when you pay 1.3million to give birth?

Meanwhile Jay-Z has released a new song in honour of his new baby, the song is called Glory, and it reveals that the child was conceived in Paris and that Beyonce previously had a miscarriage.The song also features the voice of Blue Ivy crying.

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