Attorney General Sues European Union

Media reports say Zimbabwe’s Attorney General Johannes Tomana has filed a lawsuit against the European Union seeking the removal of sanctions targeting President Robert Mugabe and other top ZANU PF bigwigs, charging the measures are illegal and violate their rights.

The suit was filed with the European Union General Court of Justice.

At least 120 Zanu PF members on the sanctions register are part of the suit,
The EU issued President Mugabe and others travel and financial restrictions in 2002 over allegations of human rights violations and voter fraud.

After the historic power sharing deal in 2009 the opposition MDC-T has actively lobby the EU and the United States to ease the measures against President Mugabe and some companies on the list.

Just two weeks ago a Zimbabwean inter-party ministerial delegation, comprising ministers Patrick Chinamasa, Elton Mangoma and Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga held talks with the EU in which aimed at removing the restrictions.

While some quarters are showing surprise at this move, we think that the lawsuit is part of ZANU PF’s overall strategy to apply pressure on the EU. The party probably feels they have an edge over the EU and they are just going for the kill.

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