Assault On Sex Worker In Canada Gets Zimbabwean Man Deported

From time to time we write on the importance of respecting the rights of other people especially those who provide us with much needed services. We think only sick people mistreat people who help them in one way or the other.

Take one Zimbabwean dude called Wilson Mulenga Chibesa aged 24. After entering into a business transaction with a commercial sex worker he then decided not to pay for his services and went on to assault her.

Maybe he would have gotten away with such kind misbehaving if it was somewhere else, but Abbotsford, Canada is no place for such ungratefulness as a result he is now finding himself being deported to Zimbabwe. In fact, you can’t get away with that in Gweru as either. To come to think of it, if you decide to buy sex, just pay. That word buy is an important component of the transaction. Now look at what’s happened. A free flight home.

Not that there is anything wrong with returning home but it is the circumstances that he is returning that are rather shameful.

Whatever the exact circumstances of that particular transaction were, there is something not right with a person who turns violent and refuses to pay a 44 year old woman for services rendered she probably just wanted money to buy her kids bread.

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