Angelina Jolie Uses The Baby Gimmick

For those that care to follow the lives of celebrities, rumours, coming out of Hollywood claim that Angelina Jolie is pregnant once again.

If these reports are indeed true, then this baby will be her and husband Brad Pitt fourth biological child. And yes we know of the other adopted three kids. US magazine OK! Say’s that Angelina is excited about the pregnancy.

This news comes as no surprise because Angelina had on many occasions said that she and Brad had not ruled out having more children. We think the Angelina is really acting like the man-snatcher that she really is.

As most of you know Angelina pulled a fast one on Jenifer Aniston, when she stared on the movie Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad. After that Angelina was determined to be Mrs Pitt. We think Angelina knew exactly what she wanted and frankly she’s been getting it for a while now.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that she is using the old strategy of “once you get a hold of him, have as many babies as you can to keep him” This strategy has been used for centuries, when a woman is not so sure that they have what it takes to keep a man; they give him a baby to help him decide. Some men usually run but most men fall for it.

This strategy only works if the woman manages to get the man to go on a guilt trip about leaving his wife and kids. In the case of Brad Pitt it’s actually seven kids.

We believe in Karma and we know what goes around comes around, and we know that one day the whole “Brangelina” deck of card will come crumbling down.

We suspect it’s going to be Brad who ends the dream because there is something about the look in his eyes that we men can see which tells us he will shock the world one day.

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