And The 2014 Mob-Star Of The Year Is…

2014 was a year of epic fails and little trinkets of delight.

Still there were many people who made an effort to make a difference in society in different ways.


Some of the choices which we could make look pretty straightforward. We could have given it to Zimdancehall which took the position of top dog in terms of entertainment in this country but that would have been such a cop-out.

We could also have given it to the folks at #TwimbosGivingHope or the people fighting ebola.

So we stuck our necks out a bit and it was not easy but we came up with it.

This was the year of the bundles. This was the year that social media uptake skyrocketed because of increased access and affordability. Maybe it was because money was tight which forced the mobile network operators to think outside the box.

We are talking Facebook and Whatsapp bundles that allowed interaction between Zimbabweans to increase exponentially.

We even got freebies in Telecel’s Facebook 0 and Free Twitter on Econet. NetOne behaved later but the trend was already set.

So our Mob-Star of the year is the mobile network operator.

Thank you for making the conversation bigger. We maycomplain a lot about some of the weird things you do but as fans of conversation, we appreciate the work you did in 2014.

May there be more of the same in 2014.