And our MobStar for 2017 is…

It comes down to that time of  the year when we decide who we believe was the most important and most newsworthy person of the year.

And this year there was one story that almost rendered all before it irrelevant or at best a footnote.

The resignation of Zimbabwe’s longstanding strongman Robert Mugabe after high noon with the army is the single biggest story for so many reasons.

That it claims the story of the year is without a shadow of doubt.

As to who will lay claim to this story it was a hard ask, as to who it would be.

We had of course the easy option which was the army, it being the catalyst for what happened.

Then there was Grace Mugabe who hogged headlines and for many it is believed that she became a foremost reason why the army took action. Who can ever forget when she said that there was no issue with her husband leaving the top job to her and the real and seemingly grim possibility that she would ascend to the position of vice president following the removal of Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Then there were elements within the army, foremost in them being now retired General Constantino Guvheya Nyikadzino Chiwenga. He along Mnangagwa became the figureheads of the disruption of what was happening in the governing party.

Then a special mention for Jah Prayzah whose song Kutonga Kwaro  seemed eponymous with the operation.

Our winner though, is the people of Zimbabwe, who stood resolute, did not resort to wanton violence even at the darkest hour. And when the cops of the streets for Operation Restore Legacy for the most part did not become lawless.

The operation is a celebration of the maturity of the people of Zimbabwe in that whatever happens, there will be dignity chosen as a principal option, kindness as a virtue and unity as a point from which there must be no departure.

So here is to you, for being all these awesome things.

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