AT What Age Should Sex Education Be Taught?

Sex is such a taboo topic in our culture. I wonder why this is the case, because judging by the number of people around, it can only mean that a lot of people are engaging in the activity.

With HIV/AIDS still a national problem maybe the powers that be may consider introducing sex education in schools at an earlier age since parents dont like talking about it.

I remember asking my mother questions with sexual connotations from as young as five years old. It all began when I started noticing my aunt’s stomach growing. I was curious and worried about my favourite aunt; I thought something terrible had happened to her. I thought maybe she ate too many guavas that my mother always stopped me from eating. I was so worried I decided to ask my mother.

I was however given wishy-washy answers or just brushed off. Months later I was told my aunt was going to buy a little baby at the hospital. Sure enough after three days my aunt returned with my cousin. This made me ask even more question until I was just silenced. Even then at five years old, the little explanations I had been given did not add up. What my mother didnt know is that Thandi, the four year old from nextdoor had already given me the scoop.

Now my story is not what happens in every home, but many people I have met of my age can narrate similar stories. The point of the story is that it seems as if we as a society don’t really like discussing sex. The facts are that kids will find out, whether you talk to them about sex or not. They will ask their friends or make deductions from books or from TV.

Some parents worry that teaching could make sexual activities seem appealing to children.We can continue overlooking this issue or we can catch them young. What age this might be done, is really subject to discussion but at least let’s start discussing it.

  • Pcb

    It’s what and how you tell children about sex that matters. By 8 they’re very much aware that they will change physically. By 10 they should know what not to do and why. Taught in an appropriate manner sex ed allows children to make decisions about their bodies which safeguards their sexual health and physical innocence before hormones throw them a curve ball.

    • PJ

      very wise suggestions indeed. It is better to curb their curiosity while they are still young.

  • tvjunkie

    The first time i heard about it was in biology class, we grew up in a pre-free internet era; I would never have liked tohave that conversation with either of my parents that would have been tres awkward.. 13 seems a good age to hear about the birds and the bees..

    • With the music these kids are listening to now, they know more than you did at 13