Of African Presidents, Prophets, Politics And Murder Conspiracies

So a local paper claims that Jonathan Moyo the local politician has said that the late Malawian President who died of cardiac arrest last week was in fact murdered by his enemies who used TB Joshua as a scapegoat.

Meanwhile an England based newspaper, The Times Newspaper, UK published an extensive article on Joshua’s prophecy and relationship with Malawi’s new head Joyce Banda, including excerpts of an interview Joshua apparently granted them.

The article states that when Joyce Banda’s husband suffered a serious stroke she took him to see the prophet and she believes that Mr Joshua’s prayers cured him. As a result Banda is a firm devotee of Mr Joshua.

Meanwhile the Herald quotes Prof Moyo as saying-

“I have no doubt in my mind that TB Joshua is a false prophet,”…“It’s possible to medically induce a cardiac arrest no wonder why his death was first leaked by his doctors”

He also added-

“TB Joshua’s involvement in this tragedy smacks more of a plot than a prophecy. One thing for sure is that there is no prophecy here but just a prediction if one is to give him a benefit of doubt.

Although this whole story is beginning to sound like an “Agatha Christie’s Poirot Murders Series” we know too well that in the convoluted world of African politics things that may appear far-fetched and unconnected are usually joined at the hip.

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