Zimbabwean Couple Loses 2 Year-Old Daughter Over 20 Rands In SA

A Zimbabwean couple have lost their 2 year after they failed to pay a neighbour R20, which they owed him it has been alleged.

Nyaradzo Sithole paid with her life for her father being unable to settle a debt when she was burnt with boiling porridge.

What had happened was, her father, James had agreed to sell a building trowel on behalf of a neighbour. The man who was meant to buy it went to work far away so James had planned to settle the debt himself. However things did not  go according to plan.

When James said he did not have the neighbour’s money, that is when things went awry. He kicked a charcoal fire that was burning and porridge flew and burnt poor little Nyaradzo on the neck, leg and foot.

The killer is now on the run.

She died in hospital.

We think that this is a real tragedy, especially if you add the fact Nyaradzo lost her twin sister last year. The family was not able to bury the first child because they had no money.

All this nasty business is happening in Johannesburg, far from home. The heart bleeds for them because they deserve better than that.

Sometimes you wish they would just come home. At least if you suffer at home there is a support system for these things.