About The Top 5 Zim Women Sexiest Bodies List… What’s That?

So a new list out of women that are considered to have the sexiest bodies in Zimbabwe.

This woman would win the votes in Zimbabwe

This woman would win the vote in Zimbabwe

Well, erm, we saw the list and on it are a bunch of models and a TV personality really. Rachel Stuart, Greatmore Chatya, Kimberley Robinson, Super Sibo and Makosi Musambasi.

Now in the world of modelling and the sort, well people will say those are great bodies and the sort. Magazines and books have sold the the dream of The Thin Ideal.

It wasn’t always that way. Thanhanks to media and other forms of influence it became internalised. The pressure became so much that magazines started photoshoping images of women to maintain that ideal.

And yet, the average human being tends to gravitate to a full bodied woman. This is evident in Africa where pop culture as it has been communicated in the West which has been developed over time, the idea of a sexy body has been well, rather different.

We still think of sexy in the context of full-bodied, curvy and voluptuous. So when you have a list that sells the idea of sexy bodies in the Zimbabwean context predicated on a foreign ideal then ah well, whose list is it anyway?

This is not in anyway to suggest that women should not aspire to be slim and all that – within reason of course – but one must create context with these things. Context is everything especially if you have to power to influence the direction of the self-esteem of coming generations, who because they are impressionable may believe that is the only way that sexiness must be defined.

  • Persona Non Grata

    We like our women curvy, thats a fact.

  • Xpatriot

    Picture iyo ka… mutumba asekuru!!!

  • dedz

    Curvy and voluptous is my definition of a sexy lady