A well traveled partner more likely to cheat – study

Researchers from Columbia University say your chances of cheating are higher if you traveled to more countries.


They asked 215 students to complete an anagram a month before they traveled, sex months after arriving and 12 months later.

30% cheated on the first test, 47.7% on the second and third.

They then split the groups into three and asked them to write about an experience at home, another third an experience abroad and there are a trip to the supermarket. In all these they were given an opportunity to cheat.

Those abroad were more likely to cheat.

This was over 8 studies by the way.

The study says traveling resulted in ‘increased immoral behaviour’.

Mind you, the travel abroad makes you open to new ideas and experiences and while we are not ones to encourage ‘immoral behaviour’ you can understand why people will be more likely to engage in experimental sort of things.

Not that we would do that sort of thing.

pic: dhammza via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND