A small house’s guide to Christmas

So you know it is Christmas and well, it is the time when family gets together and gets all jolly.


They call it loved ones and sometimes, your loved one is with loved ones that they love but do not know that you love their loved one.

They call that person a mistress or more colloquially a small house.

Now we don’t think just because you are not in the number one seat, you shouldn’t have fun and so we have a few tips for what you should do over the holiday.

First let’s talk about his gift. Cologne is a no-no. That is marking territory. Remember his wife buys him that stuff so don’t mark the territory because it could end badly.

Next, do not fool yourself when you see the adverts and all that. You know adverts have happy smiling people. You are not one of those in that relationship. You are not in the picture with him. So in fact, avoid them.

What helps is having loads of friends around you, to take your mind off things. Remember that by this time you have been having fun at the end of year cocktails and other parties so in reality now is time to be apart from each other. Do not expect him to leave hime to come and see you on the day. Just chill, with other people… and wine. And don’t wait for the call either…

In fact it helps if the other people you hang out with are family. No family around and your friends giving you the sick? Well go and volunteer somewhere. It is the season for giving.

Whatever happens don’t be by yourself.

One thing that is a must, is… pamper yourself. Treat yourself as much as you can and fall in love with yourself. As long as you’re feeling amazing then you won’t wallow in self pity.

That said, we wouldn’t recommend this life.

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