A Moment With… Gamu

Over the past 3 years we have watched Gamu Manyika (@MakeUpByGamu) build herself into one of the most consistent brands in the realm of all things beauty and make up related.

We all want her to wave her magical hands and make us feel beautiful.  However, it isn’t often that we catch her of guard and dig deeper into who Gamu really is…So, here she is:

Gamu Manyika

Gamu Manyika

Lady on the Boat (LOB): What is your government name?
Gamu Manyika (GM): Gamuchirai Melissa Manyika is my government name.

LOB: What do you like to call yourself?
GM: Just Gamu is fine

LOB: What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?
GM: Lol!! Toro … I was tall and skinny and… oh well…

LOB: Hahaha! Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
GM: Weird but ok I sleep on the left side of the bed

LOB: Are you left-handed or right-handed?
GM: I’m right handed

LOB: What is your favourite way to spend your chill time?
GM: In my bed, watching cartoons and snacking on chocolate

LOB: What is the first song you ever fell in love with?
GM: Owl City’s Fireflies. I know it’s not an old song but that’s the first time I actually fell in love with a song

LOB: Lol!! No judgement honey. When did the make-up artist in you awaken?
GM: When I was 15. I used to save up my tuck money and buy cheap Chinese make up brands like the “lip glow”

LOB: I remember those! Most ladies our age will too! Lol! Alright, of the shows you have been part of, which one is your favourite?
GM: I’d say Zim Fashion Week is always my favourite!  I get high on that buzz and vibe

LOB: How do you deal with someone who has all the wrong ideas of what their face should look like when you are done?
GM: Just smile away and try to impose your ideas in an oh-so-polite way.

LOB: And hope they listen I suppose! lol! Ok, how excited were you when you had your first real client?
GM: I was shaking!!! Lol … And not because I was excited.  I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, I had no faith in myself, but after the job was done and I saw my client was smiling, the excitement kicked in.

LOB: I wish I had been a fly on the edge of your tray! …Gamu,why make up?
GM: What else??

LOB: Hahaha! Okay then, where is your career going?
GM: I’d really love to open a make-up academy.

LOB: Interesting! What do you want to be remembered for?
GM: I’d want to be remembered as the young girl who followed her dream, broke new ground and paved the way for all aspiring artists.

LOB: What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had as a make -up artist?
GM: The worst experience (it happens all the time by the way) would be when one thinks of you as uneducated,and does not take you seriously or thinks less of you  because you deal with make up all day as opposed to the solid careers like law, medicine etc.

LOB:Eish…okay. Back to the happy thoughts ..lol! What has been the best experience?
GM: It would have to be seeing the smile on a client’s face after getting her make up done (not to mention the hundreds of pics taken after)

LOB: What are some of your favourite products to use and why?GM: I love Maybelline! I promise you, they have the best mascaras and eyeliners. MAC foundations, powders, blushes, and eye colours are to die for. Coloured Raine has awesome lipstains. Make up geek also has great eyecolours and of course, Ben Nye for their famous highlighting powder!

LOB: *Fans Gamu* I can see you getting over excited! Lol! what are some of the common misconceptions about make up that just grind your gears?
GM: ” makeup is for ladies of the night,” or,” make up is sooo unnatural and it changes you,” *rolling her eyes* … Oh! And,” make up is pointless! ” aaaarrrrrgggh!!

LOB: Hahahaha !! okay, okay! Lets wrap it up then. If you could have anything at all in the world… What would it be?
GM: I’m still thinking about that one, I have a long list, let me work on narrowing it down.

Lol!! Well , that’s that ladies and gents… the world of MakeUp A La Gamu !


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