There Are 93 Men For Every 100 Women in Zimbabwe

The preliminary results for the recent census in Zimbabwe have made their way out and there are some interesting statistics.

First of all we are almost reaching 13 million (12 973 808 actually) and that is split as 6 234 931 males and 6 738 877 females or about 93 males for every 100 females. In the 2002 census there were 95 males for every 100 females.

So 52% of people in Zimbabwe are female. In Bulawayo the figure goes up to 54%.

There are  3 076 222 households, an average of 4,2 persons per household. With an area of 390 757 square kilometres, Zimbabwe has a population density of 33 persons per square kilometre.

Harare province’s population is now over 2 million or about 16% of the population followed by Manicaland which has 1 755 000 people and Midlands with 1 622 476 people. Bulawayo province’s population has dropped.

You can get more in-depth stats on The Herald website.

In essence our population hasn’t gone up by much in the last 10 years. This is because of migration, HIV/AIDS, people not wanting to have babies anymore, contraception becoming more available and probably other reasons we do not really bother to think of most of the time.

No wonder president Robert Mugabe recently told women to get pregnant. We are under-populated.

  • Tembo

    Am laughing at the fact that you call the Herald report “more in-depth”. LOL

  • Mugambian President

    How is Zimbabwe under populated in relationship to the resources and census’ population density of 33 per km2? Does this Census reveal the popu of Chinese and Nigerian natioanals who have taken residence in Zimz?

    • The population takes into consideration everyone who was in Zimbabwe on the night of the census

  • wenera

    how can you bear mo children with the state the economy is in ?