81 Kids Raped Over 2 Weeks In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe police say 81 kids were raped over a two week period ending on 25 September, representing a 25% increase on the week before.

Evidence also showed that most of the cases involved relatives. In many cases the people were attempting to solve the issues without involving the police an only reporting them when they couldn’t reach an agreement.

Last year 3 172 cases of juvenile rape were recorded (an average of 8.6 per day). In 2010 there were 2 883.

What is startling here is the fact that a lot, if not the majority of cases go unreported. This means the figures could easily double or more.

Recently statistics from ZIMSTAT said there were on average 15 rapes per day in May. If we are to go by those stats, that means more than half of those kids.

Who’s going to save the children?

With information from The Herald(Zimbabwe)

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