70% DNA Cases In Harare Test Negative

If the report in the Herald today is true, then there could be a few men in Zimbabwe going around feeling proud or ashamed of children that are not theirs.

The local rag claims that 70 percent of maintenance cases referred for DNA paternity tests in Harare last year tested negative. Six out of nine men whose results were announced at the Harare Civil Court last year discovered they had been maintaining other men’s children.

In 2008 427 women approached the courts with maintenance claims in 2008. When the USA dollar started floating around things changed and the courts have since recorded 2174 paternity cases in 2010 and 3040 cases in 2011.

Unless you are the husband of that woman who had a Chinese baby then having DNA tests is a good way of determining the paternity of a child because there some women out there who have turned baby making into a rather lucrative business.

If 70% tested negative then there are some women who are into multiple partners in a big way. But such a high number also makes us wonder whether people at the DNA testing center actually know what they are doing.

If they do know what they are doing, are you sure the kid you are raising is yours?