Makandiwa’s Message A Best-Seller

Last week friday Emmanuel Makandiwa, held a Judgement Night Sermon to more than 120,000 pilgrims at the National Sports Stadium, in Harare. He also displayed state of the art equipment used to power the stadium and the 61-piece public address system which is one of its kind in Africa.

Judgement Night Crowd - Picture Courtesy of Aaron Ufumeli.

Makandiwa’s brand probably soared with the death of Bingu Wa Mutharika. Earlier in the week Makandiwa had promised death for those who he called enemies of the church. So obviously you had a few scared people, among them, businessmen and politicians finding their way there, just in case.

True to form he  preached about success and making money. With the widespread poverty in Zimbabwe his message is a best-seller and laden with the opium of the masses is box-office stuff. Just for good measure, he went about healing the sick, disabled, performed miracles and claimed of removal evil spirits.

Makandiwa, of United Family International (UFI), is estimated to be worth between 6 and 10 million dollars, according to an online report which ranked rich pastors in the world.

However some circles have questioned mordern trends of christianity where pastors use miracles and money talk to win people’s hearts. Some have also linked such activities to satanism which has left most people terrified for their lives.

For the zealots, we are not saying that Makandiwa is a satanist. We are not even suggesting that.

On the other hand we just find that a few things do not add up. We know of course that if we do ask for explanation we will be met with the traditional response: You don’t have faith.

(With Input from Fazila Mahomed – Press TV)

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