Almost 40% Of Murders As A Result Of Domestic Dispute

In February of this year 9 out of 24 murders committed in Zimbabwe were as a result of domestic dispute.

The statistic comes in the wake of a grisly murder-suicide which took place at Imba Matombo this Wednesday when a man shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

According to The Herald Farai Maseka (40) shot his wife Alice Sibanda (27) in the car park and police have since discovered that they had a long history of domestic disturbance. This has resulted in Sibanda running away from the matrimonial home to stay at her work place.

There are a few things that have us disturbed in this incident. First and foremost, couldn’t more have been done to protect the wife? There is a huge problem we have in our culture where we turn a blind eye to the issues people have in their marriages. Even if a woman comes to the office with her face all bashed up, we always think it is not our place to do anything about it. In some instances that includes incidences where our own family members. The common statement is ndo zvazvinoita(loosely translalted ‘that’s life’). Surely a better social support system could help with this.

Then when it comes to the man getting to the point of killing his wife, what drives a person that far? We mean, now he is gone, she is gone and he has left a huge hole in people’s lives with a lot of unanswered questions. We fail to understand the level of malice one has to have to take a life because of a domestic dispute. Yes, some women can be quite nasty which can drive someone mad, but surely killing someone can never be seen as a solution for any dispute. Sure, we can’t say we have been under that much stress, or that we would react better but it just makes no sense.

Whatever it is, it is all very sad.