What’s Zimbabwe’s Real Position on Homosexuality ?

The Nigerian parliament recently passed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill 2011 [SSMB]. This move resulted in a lot of discussions about the bill.

While some people were appalled by the passing of this law the majority of Nigerians defended the Bill. Nigeria has an estimated 1-3 million gays and lesbians that’s a population about the size of Harare, that’s a lot of homosexuals if you ask me.

The move by the Nigerians got me thinking what Zimbabwe’s real position on homosexuality was. Most Zimbabweans’ I know tend to vocalize their homophobia very loudly, if you doubt this look at what people say about homosexuals on their Facebook profiles.

There are a few African countries where Gays and Lesbians are legal or allowed to operate as a group. I know a country where it is believed that it is illegal be a homosexual but the same country allows homosexuals to form an association with members who meet regularly organize functions and have a good old party.

Take one easy guess what that country is and no it’s not South Africa. For those that did not know, Zimbabwe has a Gays and Lesbian Association.

From the little law I studied this contradiction in what the laws of the land says and what people can do tells me that the position of Zimbabwe on homosexuality from a legal standpoint is a hazy one.

While the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe offices are raided by Police once in a while its pretty much business as usual at The Galz offices. Compared to other African states Zimbabwe is rather liberal when it comes to this matter from a legally context.

We actually are not as hardcore traditionalists as a nation as we think we are. Those are just the facts.

  • Mr_popular

    We would love to see all these people with such ideology just stay out of Zimbabwe, there is no place and we wish for all who feel like they need this kind of freedom to freely seek it elsewhere, you are free to do what ever you want else where, no problem, just don’t do it in Zimbabwe.

    • It is never that simple

      • Chinorwa

        It is that simple, stop being influenced by modern media and extreme liberalism that breaches rightful moral conduct.

        there are only 12 million Zimbabweans how do we grow our populations if you are already tired of co-breeding with each other. Wise up

  • nhonho11

    Its idiotic to be affected by gay and lesbian people. Its a free country and as much as people are free to practics thier varuous religion including chivanhu they can gay as much as they please. Its not like its a lifestyle choice.

  • jinx

    thou shall not judge, this homophobic behavior in zim is sickening. if one chooses to make out with a person of the same sex its their choice and it won’t slow the country’s economic growth rate or gdp, it won’t make you lose weight or go blind. only God can judge,homosexuality is a choice and respect it if u cnt stand it then juss keep it to yoself. fyi i’m heterosexual and i love my women but i dnt discriminate against people of a different orientation as that is no difference from racism,tribalism or whatever.