Morgan Tsvangirai Fined In Traditional Court

Morgan Tsvangirai was fined two cows, a sheep, and 10 metres of cotton cloth for marrying Locadia Karimatsenga in November. According to Zimbabwean tradition it is taboo to pay lobola in November.

The sentence was handed down in a traditional court by chief Negomo in a case that has turned into a national spectacle. In their defense the Karimatsenga family said they had consulted the spirit medium of Mbuya Nehanda who had given the family the green light to proceed with the rituals.

Chief Negomo rubbished this defense and said that the authenticity of the spirit medium of Mbuya Nehanda could not be verified. I actually did not know there was a spirit medium verification code.

Anyway, if the Prime Minister knew what a crisis he would create when he dumped his pregnant girlfriend and almost wife he would have handled the whole affair a bit differently.

In fact the Prime Minister should try to keep his zipper closed whenever possible.

If you were wondering who is supposed to receive the two cows, the sheep, and 10 metres of cotton cloth, it is no other than the good chief Negomo who will do so on behalf of the Negomo clan spirits.

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    what will the Chief do with the 10m of cloth? perhaps use it as a table cloth for the Christmas feast they will have with the 2 cows and a sheep?