2405 Children Raped In 10 Months

Abuse of children in Zimbabwe is getting completely out of hand with a report coming out that 2405 children were raped in a period of 10 months.

The Victim Friendly Unit released these stats on Friday. Of the 3, 421 child abuse cases reported during the period ending October, 2, 405 were raped.

41% were raped by neighbours while 27% were by relatives. Most were under the age of 18. Teenage boys were some of the perpetrators as well.

Last year her organization recorded 8, 296 cases compared to the 9, 807 already documented this year, the main reasons being infidelity and misuse of money.

Earlier this year it was reported that one in three girls are raped or sexually abused before they turns 18 and there was a period when 81 kids were raped over a period of  2 weeks in September.


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